Italian Gulls
Sabine's Gull (Larus sabini)


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UP Little Gull first summer, Little Gull adult summer and Sabine's Gull first summer. The latter is slightly larger than the two Little Gulls, and its mantle appears slightly darker. Barricata, Po Delta, NE Italy, 25 July 2001. Photo by Menotti Passarella

DOWN Sabine's Gull first summer. Note the typical dark area on the nape extending to the back of the crown.Barricata, Po Delta, NE Italy, 30 July 2001. Photo by Menotti Passarella.



UP. Sabine's Gull first summer (right) with a Little Gull first summer. The Sabine's was observed for the first time on 4 July 2001, while this picture was taken on 30 July 2001. This is the third for Italy, if accepted; previous accepted records: Venetia 1959 and 1971. Photo by Menotti Passarella

DOWN: Black-headed Gull and Sabine Gull. 30 July 2001. Photo by Menotti Passarella.



UP. The same bird, August 2001. Photo by Maurizio Sighele.

DOWN. The Sabine's flying, August 2001. Photo by Giulio Piras.


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